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Notice of Annual Meeting 2015


Mike Brashear, President *                                          Tom Raley

Bob Singleton, VP *                                                      Shannon Wiggins

John P. Collier, Trea.

* Denotes term expires this year.




MEN WSC’s Board of Directors has set Monday April 27, 2015 7:00PM at the water office (8542 S US Highway 287, Eureka, TX) as the date for the annual membership meeting. Items to be presented include the latest financial information, present activities and future plans of the Water Supply Corporation.


Since there were only two applicants who filed for election by the application deadline for the two open Board of Director positions, the Board at its March 23, 2015 meeting passed a resolution cancelling the election and naming the two applicants as automatically elected to the Board.  Taking office following the annual meeting for three year terms will be Darrell Capehart (member since 1994) and Mark Lee (member since 2004).


We would ask for your help in updating your phone or email information as it is important that we be able to contact you about outages or emergencies.  Please call or write us to provide the most current information.


You may also provide us this information as well as seeing the latest announcements and information regarding possible outages for repairs at MEN WSC’s web site http://www. menwsc.myruralwater.com.